Maidee Walker

Maidee Walker

A Fourth Generation Texan, Maidee Walker was born in Fort Worth, Texas (“Cowtown’) and grew up there. At 14, she left to attend girls’ boarding school, Foxcroft School in Middleburg VA, then onto Bradford College, Bradford MA and Harvard University, Cambridge MA. She also attended L’école Francaise in Geneva, Switzerland and the University of Sydney.

In 1970 Walker left the US to travel around the world, something which – oddly – she didn’t complete. Having landed in Australia, she stayed there several years and subsequently moved to England where she lived for six years. Returning to the US, Walker relocated in Boston where she was a contributor to Boston Magazine, a freelance writer for Arts and Entertainment, and an editor and writer for AdEast – an advertising trade publication. Later, Walker wrote a controversial column, “Nolo Contendere,” for The Boston Herald American, a Hearst newspaper. Some interesting projects include being the main editor/writer for the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and the writer for the “plea” document/brochure for Dr. Richard Leakey in his Karibou Kenya (“Save the Elephants”) campaign: “Shoot the Poachers – That’ll Stop ‘Em!”

When John Langdon started up Bumbershoot, Walker returned to Fort Worth where she was appointed Vice-President of the production company. In 1982, Langdon acquired the rights to the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, "A Confederacy of Dunces," and Walker was asked to write the screenplay. With many inspired inputs from Langdon, they finished it and she moved to L.A., as the Bumbershoot liaison, to promote it to Hollywood. After many production attempts and subsequently failed screenplays by others, this magnificent novel – sadly and mystifyingly – remains the poster child for unmade movies.

She has recently completed a novel, Titanium Egg - The Legend of the Five Caves of Groupers, a book which flies along unfailingly under the Union Jack. It is a high adventure story based on truth and has great potential for film. Titanium Egg is the first of five following sequels.

Maidee Walker is delighted to add to the Bumbershoot roster a large body of work entitled The Kingdom of Evermore. This fanciful, yet sophisticated, anthology is not just for children but rather for ages five to ninety-five. It is an engaging and intriguing collection where all – humans as well as bugs and animals – discover they will always, always believe in miracles!

Maidee Walker currently writes under the nom de plume of Willoughby Legh.