Clay Allison



BPI is developing this original treatment based on true events. Caught in a corrupt New Mexico land-grabbing war, standup gunfighter Clay Allison finds himself in a life-threatening power struggle with the Santa Fe Ring, an assembly of brutal and absolutely corrupt politicians and foreign financiers, who attempt to establish a dictatorship in the New Mexico Territory after the Civil War. Gentleman-rancher and gunfighter Clay Allison, a colorful and genuinely forgotten personality from the frontier era of the Old West, fearlessly goes to war with the Ring. He finds an eccentric, albeit unlikely, ally in Frenchman and Cimarron Hotel-owner Henry Lambért, who came to Cimmaron after serving as Abraham Lincoln's personal chef. The characters and most of the events in this film are true and it is set against the breathtakingly magical backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Current Status: In Development

Mike Shropshire
Executive Producer
Johnny Langdon
Carolyn Pfeiffer