A Confederacy of Dunces

A Confederacy of Dunces © 1980 by by John Kennedy Toole, published by LSU Press and reprinted with the permission of the publisher, Grove/Atlantic, Inc.


BPI acquired the film rights to the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel A Confederacy of Dunces in October of 1982 and subsequently sold the rights to Paramount Pictures in 1993. Johnny Langdon is attached as an Executive Producer and Susan O'Connell as a Co-Producer. Scott Rudin is slated to produce.


Set in New Orleans in the 1960s, A Confederacy Of Dunces introduces one of the most memorable characters in American literature, Ignatius J. Reilly. Slob extraordinaire, deadbeat ideologue and gluttonous moocher, Ignatius is in violent revolt against the entire modern age. A mountainous college graduate, Ignatius spends most of his time in New Orleans ranting and hiding out in the squalor of his bedroom, filling Big Chief writing tablets with his unique brand of Luddite/medievalist/anti-Enlightenment thought, as well as writing incendiary letters to his political and sex-crazed girlfriend Myrna Minkoff in New York City.

His ire explodes when his mother backs her Plymouth into the support structure of someone else's balcony. Mrs. Reilly's meager welfare check is hardly enough to cover the damages for this alcohol induced accident. As a result of his mother's unrelenting prodding, Ignatius grudgingly begins a series of hilarious interviews — finally landing a job that sucks him ever deeper into the seamy underbelly of New Orleans, and creates the platform for his encounters with Miss Trixie, the octogenarian assistant accountant at Levy Pants; the wan Patrolman Mancuso who is determined to arrest Ignatius at all costs; Darlene, the Bourbon Street stripper with a penchant for parrots; Lana Lee, the Nazi proprietress of the Night of Joy, and Jones, the jivecat in space-age dark glasses.

His work as a file clerk at Levy Pants inspires Ignatius to lead a workers' revolt and later as a hotdog push cart man for Paradise Vendors, he becomes an unwitting soft porn distribution stooge. His arrogance (and flatulence) touches the people he encounters in catastrophic ways, yet his indignant, malicious blunders make it possible for those he has injured (intentionally or not) to come out better in the end.

It's a classic!

Current Status: Owned by Paramount Pictures

Scott Rudin
Executive Producer
Johnny Langdon
Susan O'Connell