Empire Man



An original screenplay by Rod Taylor, EMPIRE MAN tells the story of Joe Lincoln Till, a Texas underdog and self-made multi-millionaire whose mission is to show everyone how to awaken their "inner king" and ends up being elected to the U.S. Senate.

Some consider him a con — others, an inspiration. Whatever your opinion, he's a force of nature. A passionate man, a family man, and suddenly — out of necessity — a political man. Till takes on his childhood nemesis in a race for the senate, falls in love with a beautiful English skeptic, and stakes his wealth, reputation, and life to expose the government machine as the people-ignoring, self-aggrandizing oligarchy it is. The big risks pay off and the individualist wins over the ole boy network — and he gets the girl. It's a rousing and semi-realistic elixir for the soul, full of inspiring insight and corny clichés turned inside out — and surprisingly fresh.

Current Status: In Development

Roderick (Rod) Taylor
Executive Producer
Bruce A. Taylor
Johnny Langdon
Carolyn Pfeiffer
Pam Dixon