Flight of the Iguana


What is art? FLIGHT OF THE IGUANA is a riveting story that tries to answer this question by chronicling the battle between art and advertising, with a 40-foot iguana named Iggy at the center of it all.

This foam-over-steel sculpture was created by iconic Texas artist and king of roof top sculptures, Bob "Daddy-O" Wade. For years, the giant lizard lurked above downtown Manhattan’s Lone Star Cafe bearing witness to and inspiring New York’s expatriate outpost of Texas music and culture. During this time, the neighborhood association took Iggy to court where she fought the law and won. Daddy-O would go on to confront similar situations with his Tangoing Frogs in Dallas and the 40 ft. saxophone in Houston.

Follow one artist and his iguana, saxophone, frogs and numerous other public artworks with outrageous histories and happy endings.

The documentary film will include interviews with lots of flamboyant characters including, Kinky Friedman, Ray Benson and Julian Schnabel.

Current Status: In Development

Executive Producers
Bob Wade and Johnny Langdon
Chip Tompkins and Analisa Garcia