Kingdom of Evermore


An Animated Feature [Film or TV/Cable Series]

The Kingdom of Evermore is a delight like no other for both children and adults from ages five to ninety-five! None are too young, nor are they too old, to enter this magical and enchanting kingdom. The following synopses of these first three books which have been gathered together in an Evermore Trilogy are, at heart, an overarch – truly a rainbow – which puts forth the magic, the miracles and the wonders of the Realm.

The members have a credo they live by: “Long live The Kingdom of Evermore and may all who dwell within her, and for all who believe in her, dream of her verdant beauty and prosper!” This goes along with their motto: “Sed Parva Forti!” = “Small but Mighty!”


The Birth of the Kingdom
Prologue for the Trilogy

“Once upon a very, very long time ago, a small miracle happened which was to change forever one particular little world of special bugs and animals and tiny creatures who had lived endlessly, unnoticed and forgotten, beneath the heels of Mankind.

“It all started with a very old and very wise cockroach . . .”

It is here that we meet the old bug who had scuttled about in the deserted humans’ house, the Great Manor, for years. When a new royal family arrives, he stays in the nursery and begins to listen to children’s lessons. It is by way of the “small miracle” that he magically learns the humans’ language and the power of the spoken word! Later, when he is placed in a beautiful garden by the little princess, she dubs him Sir Cecil B. DeCockroach and the old bug claims the garden as his Realm. He then imparts this new knowledge to all the others living there and thus opens the doors for their enlightenment. Sir Cecil and several of the Elders even create a Constitution, the first law being: Thou shall not eat thy neighbor.

And that is how it all began...

NOTE: Richard Condon once wrote in a letter to Maidee Walker, author and creator of the anthology entitled "The Kingdom of Evermore": “Your stunningly beautiful example of an empire has the magical Lewis Carroll stamp upon it, that of sublime fantasy. I had an enchanted time reading about a land where cockroaches are our pals and click beetles are not something African tribesmen have for dinner. All of these sweet books and stories are superlative . . . the whole thing works in every way.”

Current Status: In Development

Maidee Walker
Executive Producer
Johnny Langdon