The Pro


Based on the novel by Mike Shropshire and screenplay by Gigi Gaston, THE PRO is a comedy about ex-golf pro Del Bonnet, a natural born athlete and reprobate who earns redemption despite his best efforts to fight it at every turn. The novel was published to great acclaim in 2001 and released in paperback in 2002.


Del Bonnet, who gives golf lessons to the pacemaker set at a backwoods Florida country club, has a big problem: he loses a job he never wanted in the first place and has nowhere to go and nothing to do. Out of the sheer luck that is sometimes the product of necessity, Bonnet acquires a golf club with supernatural powers and a caddy with limitless nefarious instincts. This bizarre partnership takes on the Senior's Tour and encounters equal measures of fame, fortune, chaos, love and hilarity.

From the screenwriter, Gigi Gaston: "This project was so fun to work on! I loved the book and it was great to explore what a man can go through during his midlife crisis and of course make it funny! It's about sex, love, redemption, and golf with colorful characters and a great ending. Thank you Mike Shropshire for your book."

From Mike Shropshire, author of The Pro: "When John Steinbeck completed The Grapes of Wrath, the author confided to a friend that he didn't care whether or not his novel ever became a movie. Steinbeck, of course, had to have been lying. Unlike Steinbeck's opus, my novel, The Pro, has yet to receive a Nobel Prize for literature, but at least I'm honest by confirming that--hell yes--I'd love to see the book reinvent itself in motion picture form. Watching the talents and expertise of the Bumbershoot Productions team and screenwriter Gigi Gaston has proven more gratifying than the publication of the novel itself back in 2001."

Current Status: In Development

Screenplay Writer
Gigi Gaston
Johnny Langdon
Carolyn Pfeiffer
Pam Dixon